Can I get Suna Traffic Channel for my current Personal Navigation Device?

Some devices are able to be adapted to receive SUNA live traffic. Please check with your individual user manual or with your PND supplier or manufacturer.

If your device comes with the SUNA Traffic Channel RDS-TMC as standard “in the box”, no additional hardware is required and the SUNA subscription runs for the lifetime of the device (subject to the terms of the end user license). Most dedicated navigation devices are in this category. The device should be receiving live traffic updates automatically. Please refer to your device manual for further information for your specific device and settings. Please check to ensure that you are in a broadcast area by viewing the appropriate map within the following link If you are confident you are within a broadcast area and still require further assistance, please refer to the retailer of purchase.

If your navigation application operates on a smartphone, you may require an additional subscription to receive SUNA traffic updates.

Additional subscription models may be introduced in the future to meet the needs of the next generation of devices capable of receiving SUNA Traffic Channel.

If you have upgraded your device by purchasing a TMC accessory or antenna, you will need to ensure that you have the correct version of maps installed. Please check against your specific device for further information.

For more information specific to your device, please contact your manufacturer.

To check device compatibility, please click here