SUNA Predictive

SUNA Predictive provides users with average road speed or average travel time based on real world conditions. Everyone knows that travel times are impacted by routine congestion but until now there has been no way of reflecting this reality into GPS navigation systems or web mapping and travel applications. SUNA Predictive changes that with its detailed database of travel times for all major roads in Australia’s capital cities and adjacent areas. SUNA Predictive provides average travel speeds at 15 minute intervals over 24 hours for each of the seven days of the week.

SUNA Predictive is an ideal planning tool and a valuable aide to any situation requiring traffic analysis.

Road Authorities, Traffic Planners, Private road operators and anyone involved in traffic planning or analysis can benefit from the network wide 24 hour seven day coverage provided by SUNA Predictive. Analysis no longer needs to be limited by specific and limited probe drives.

For more information please refer to the Product Sheet, available as a PDF download below, or contact Intelematics Australia.

Click here for the SUNA Predictive Product Sheet